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Our Activities

Canopy Tour

Experience a Canopy Tour from the treetops of Nicaragua´s Tropical Forest located on a Private Reserve.  Glide along the zip lines and climb a suspended stairs bridge and enjoy a Bird´s Eye View of the life of the Tropical Forest Habitat first hand. You will have the opportunity to be immersed in nature and see […]


From one of the tallest trees in San Juan del Sur, encrusted inside the forest, you can enjoy the thrill of rappelling down from a 20 meter high platform. Our Professional Certified Rappel Guides will teach you how you can rappel down by yourself (assisted by the guides) or let the guides rappel you down.

Tarzan Swing

Swing like Tarzan from the tallest tree of the Natural Reserve. At 30.5 meters (100 feet) above the ground, you will feel the G-Forces as soon as you step off the platform.

Walking Trails

Walk through a tropical forest with one of our expert guides on safely built trails and enjoy the great biodiversity that it offers. You will learn about Central American trees, ferns, vines, mosses, heliconias and much more.  It is the perfect place to do Bird Watching and Spot all kind of animals like monkeys, sloths, […]

Offroad Vehicle Ride Through The Forest

Enjoy a ride through the tropical forest on an Off Road Vehicle through a 2.5 kilometer mountain road as it will take you from the Welcome Center Ranch to the top of the mountain. The trip will take you through many creeks, rocky landscapes and the thick tropical forest.

The Continental Divide Of The Americas

Walk along a pathway that follows the continental divide of the Americas. It is the line that divides the Pacific Basin from the Atlantic Basin of the American Continent. To the West are the Pacific Beaches of Nicaragua and to the East is Lake Nicaragua flowing out to the Atlantic by the San Juan River. […]

Our Places


See firsthand Nicaragua´s most exotic lizard, the Green Iguana (Iguana iguana rinolopha).  See them soaking the sun on the branches of the trees and eating fruits and leaves. You will learn about what they eat, how they reproduce and its ethology. Also, take some nice pictures holding or cradling the baby iguanas.

Kid’s Playground

An outdoor playground for kids under 8 years of age. It comprises of mountain style challenges and timber structures built with safety standards.

Restaurant and Bar

Located on our West Side Elevated Terrace overlooking the Pacific Beaches of San Juan del Sur, you can enjoy snacks, beverages, beer or a light lunch.